Exacta can also offer the following related services:

  • Surface treatments of cleaning: washing and anti-corrosion protective coating for ferrous metals or solvent washing for non-ferrous metals
  • 100% inspection of machining processes by means of optical instruments
  • Record of production process control
  • Dent-proof packaging in containers designed to prevent contact damage during transportation
  • Customised labelling of packs and product identification with production process traceability
  • Stock of products and deliver according to a schedule
  • Kanban/JIT shipments
  • Delivery via international couriers

Finishes and treatments are also provided through outsourcing from certified suppliers:

  • Heat treatments
  • Surface treatments: chroming, galvanisation, burnishing (black oxidation), satin finishing, nickel-coating, anodization (anodic oxidation)

Exacta hereby confirms that the products supplied comply with EU Directive 2011/65/EU (ROHS*II) and with the REACH Ordinance 1907/2006 ; we guarantee that material suppliers are expressly advised of the obligations in accordance with REACH within the framework of supplier responsibility. All required information is actively procured.