Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. PRODUCT TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Customers are obliged to supply all information concerning the product required and of use for its production. This information constitutes the Technical Specifications and must be clearly legible in the form of drawings (containing dimensions, allowances and criticality levels), accompanying notes, context of use of the product, purchase specifications, standards or any inspection procedures and a photographic database of materials.
  2. PRODUCT QUALITY Exacta undertakes to supply the product compliant with the Technical Specifications agreed in advance during the offer phase. Any requirements for non-objective or non-measurable factors (e.g. "clean, no dents") shall be fulfilled to Exacta's standards.
  3. NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT: The Customer may provide Exacta with confidential information of a technical nature and/or relating to its industrial and commercial organisation, useful for the fulfilment of the contract, specifically stating this confidential status. Exacta shall be obliged not to communicate or disclose this information to third parties in any way, in writing or verbally or by any other disclosure means.
  4. ENVIRONMENTAL AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY COMPLIANCE Exacta undertakes to supply products in compliance with the relevant regulations and legislation, especially with regard to the environment (European Directives requiring the restriction and/or elimination of hazardous substances present in the materials / unfinished materials / treatments / products supplied), and occupational health and safety.
  5. DELIVERY TIMES AND QUANTITIES Exacta specifies shipment times in the Order Confirmation. Surpluses of +/-10% are permitted in deliveries.
  6. CLAIMS AND COMPLAINTS Claims and complaints must be received in writing within 10 working days after delivery; goods with regard to which the deadline of 10 working days has elapsed shall be considered accepted. Any claims due to missing goods, or defects in the packaging must be lodged with the carrier on receipt of the goods. No returns of goods shall be accepted unless authorised by Exacta.
  7. WARRANTY: The warranty provided by Exacta in the event of defects and faults in the product, acknowledged by both Parties, shall be limited to the reworking and/or replacement of the faulty product, with the specific exclusion of any further costs or compensation. This warranty shall not extend to products which have not been conserved correctly or which have undergone processes after sale that have modified their original quality.
  8. LIABILITY: Exacta shall be liable within the limits set by current legislation for any direct injury or damage caused solely by failure of the products supplied to the Customer to conform to the technical specifications. Exacta shall not be held liable for any indirect damage, such as loss of clientele, sales, production, earnings or image.
  9. LIABILITY LIMITATIONS: In the event that the material cannot be reworked or replaced, Exacta shall grant the customer all-inclusive compensation equal to the value of the product consigned.
  10. PRICES AND PAYMENT TERMS The prices and payment conditions of the products produced by Exacta shall be agreed prior to the start of the business relationship through: - dispatch of the Offer by Exacta; - subsequent Order by the Customer in acceptance of the offer; - Order Confirmation by Exacta constituting the finalised agreement.
  11. INCOTERMS: The contract and supply conditions for international deals shall be governed by INCOTERMS 2010.
  12. PAYMENT ARREARS: Interest shall be charged on payments in arrears in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 192 of 9 November 2012 (and relative subsequent amendments) increased by 3 (three) points, plus administrative costs.
  13. CANCELLATIONS OF ORDERS: Customers may only request the cancellation or modification of the order prior to its fulfilment, by written notice. Exacta shall be entitled not to agree to modification or cancellations of orders, depending on the progress made with their fulfilment. Modifications and cancellations shall not take effect until they are specifically accepted by Exacta.
  14. PRIVACY: Exacta guarantees that the Customer's personal data shall be used in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Data Protection Law).
  15. DISPUTES: The Padova law court shall have sole jurisdiction over all disputes.
  16. All matters not covered herein shall be regulated by Law no. 192 dated 18/6/1998 (the "Law on Subcontracting”) and subsequent amendments.