Exacta is a manufacturing company of quality precision turned parts and components according to customer requirements and provides Quality Products for a wild range of sectors throughout the world.
The General Management is therefore firmly convinced of the importance of developing, implementing and continually improving the effectiveness of a Corporate Quality Management System, to enhance customers satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.
Specifically, the main aspects of the Exacta Quality Policy can be summarised in the following Objectives:

  • To operate through an organization based on procedures and processes defined in accordance with the relevant national and international quality standards and involving all company resources in implementing the requirements of the Quality Management System.
  • To fully meet the customer requirements through the continual improvement of the Quality System, guaranteeing the quality of service from the first contact with the customer through to after-sales service
  • To operate in harmony with the Environment by improving the environmental compatibility of its production plants and using new, efficient, eco-friendly technologies
  • To constantly improve staff level by regular targeted training, to grow the company's know-how, professionalism and satisfaction
  • To safeguard occupational health and safety by improving infrastructures and investing in state-of-the-art technologies
  • To select suppliers to identify those capable of satisfying the company's requirements and establishing a synergistic collaboration with them, based on transparency in the exchange of information

The General Management ensures that the corporate policy is:

shared and understood through regular targeted training
applied through audits
supported through monitoring of the entire organisation's commitment to implementation and awareness
reviewed to confirm its validity during the Management Review.