Privacy policy EN

Introduction and disclaimer under art. 13 of Italian Decree Law 196/2003 (Data Protection Law)

Exacta S.r.l. prioritises the privacy of its users. We have therefore decided to enclose our detailed Privacy Policy for users' reference. The information it provides includes which personal data we acquire, the purposes for and procedures by which your personal data are used, and the security measures adopted to protect them. These measures are applied as compatible with all national laws on data protection.

Our Privacy Policy contains the information required under art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 and subsequent legislation (Data Protection Law), which implements Directive 95/46/EC concerning personal data protection, and Directive 2002/58/EC concerning the protection of personal data in the electronic communications sector.
For further information on Italian data protection law, visit the official website of the Data Protection Authority [Garante per la protezione dei data personali].

In particular, we hereby inform you that the "data controller" for the use of your data under the Italian Data Protection Law is

Exacta S.r.l. via Via Dell'Industria, 6 Due Carrare (PADOVA, ITALY)
Tel. +39 049.5290055 - Fax: +39 049.5290200 - fiscal ID code and VAT no. 03541630285

Within the limits and for the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy, Exacta S.r.l. may disclose some of your data to public and/or private third parties.

Exacta S.r.l. guarantees the utmost confidentiality in the use of your personal data by using the most appropriate technologies, in accordance with Italian and European standards on minimal security measures.

Your data may be accessed by the Exacta S.r.l. Customer Care and Regulation and Security representatives designated as "data users" under art. 30 of the Data Protection Law to offer users support with regard to the services offered by Exacta S.r.l. , to respond to requests from the Judicial Authorities, to verify breaches of users' Agreements and for billing requirements.

A special note for juveniles
No-one under 18 years of age may use our services, so they are not required to supply any of their personal data in the communication process. If you are less than 18 years of age you may only use our services with the supervision and control of your parents or another adult deputising for them.

The personal data we acquire

The acquisition of your personal data, marked with an asterisk, in the contacts form is necessary to enable us to provide an accurate answer to your enquiries. In the event that you refuse to provide these personal data, we will be unable to complete the acquisition of your enquiries and you will not gain access to Exacta S.r.l.'s services and innovations.

On compilation, you will be requested to provide the following personal details:

name and surname
email address

How we use your personal data

The data will be used mainly by electronic and digital means and stored on IT media, on paper and on all suitable media, in compliance with the minimal security measures.

Exacta S.r.l. only uses the personal data you provide in order to provide you with a swift reply to your enquiry, whether it relates to a product or simply an item of information.

With your specific consent, Exacta S.r.l. may use these data to contact you and provide you with information which, in some cases, will meet with your interest.

We do not pass or disclose our users' personal data to third parties for purposes other than those set out in our Privacy Policy.

Legal demands

Exacta S.r.l. cooperates with the public authorities to ensure compliance with the laws and the rights of other users and third parties, with reference in above all to intellectual property rights. Therefore, if formal demands are received and in compliance with the relative legislation, your personal data may be disclosed to the judicial authorities or other public sector authorities for the purposes of State defence and security, and the prevention, investigation or prosecution of offences under civil, criminal and administrative law. These public sector authorities are empowered to request and obtain your personal data if this is necessary or appropriate for investigations or verifications concerning the commission of digital or other forms of fraud, breach of intellectual property rights, digital piracy or other criminal activities which could expose Exacta S.r.l. or our users to legal, civil or penal liability.
In response to formal demands from the aforesaid authorities Exacta S.r.l. may disclose your name, address, telephone number and email if this is necessary or appropriate.