01. Which type of machining do you carry out?

Exacta draws on know-how acquired over 50 years of experience to provide a vast range of precision turned parts and components as a result of material removal machining process on bar stock, mainly turning, threading, milling, roll-finishing, precision honing and polishing, knurling, polygon-turning, marking, broaching, drilling, boring and reaming.

02. Are you a certified company?

Yes, Exacta is accredited to ISO 9001 certification since 2004: it has a Quality Manual complete with Procedures and Operating Instructions. Staff also have ISO/TS training.

03. What is your lead-time?

Lead-time depends on various terms, mainly batch size, raw material availability and whether surface treatments are required. On average, Exacta supplies an economic order quantity in 35 working days.

04. Do you accept long-term planning orders?

Yes, in order to minimize production costs, Exacta can accept scheduled pick-up planning, even in 12-month periods.

05. What bar capacity do you offer?

Exacta has a large number of automatic and CNC machines with capacity from 3 mm diameter up to 65 mm diameter.

06. Do you also supply large batch sizes?

Yes, Exacta has a large number of automatic and CNC machines for machining both small and large batch sizes.

07. Do you also produce small quantities and/or samples?

Yes, Exacta has a well-equipped laboratory for producing prototypes or pre-industrial batches.

08. What types of material do you manufacture?

Exacta manufactures parts and components from most metals, basically both ferrous and non-ferrous metals (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and brass), including their relative special alloys (PR80 steel, Usimax steel, AISI stainless steel, RE steel, etc.)

09. Do you also manufacture parts machined from tubes?

Only in special cases, since Exacta manufactures precision parts especially from round and hexagonal bar stocks.

10. What measuring equipment do you use?

Exacta has a wide variety of certified automatic instruments capable of measuring with micrometric precision. They are both contact and optical with a very high degree of accuracy.

11. What inspection documentation do you supply?

Exacta holds internal inspection documentation on file and supplies on request conformance certificates, raw material certificates and inspection documents such as PPAP level 3, iCPK, outcome of 100% optical inspection, certificates of finish and surface treatments, of salt spray corrosion testing if required.

12. Which finish and surface treatments do you offer?

Exacta can offer turned parts related services by approved and certified suppliers such as chroming, galvanisation, burnishing (black oxidation), satin finishing, nickel-coating and anodization (anodic oxidation).

13. Do you supply parts complete with hardening treatment?

Yes, Exacta can supply hardened turned parts: hardening treatments are managed by approved and certified suppliers.

14. Do your staff attend training courses?

Yes, Exacta is accredited to ISO 9001 since 2004 and provides targeted regular training to its employees, from general occupational heath and safety training to specific training in the latest developments with regard to technical standards, such as ISO/TS, and health and environmental sustainability training.

15. Which process controls do you carry out?

Exacta, a company with ISO 9001 certification, implements procedures for checking the feasibility of products and compliance with delivery times, acceptance tests and inspections of incoming raw materials, production start-up controls, production controls, cleaning controls and final inspection.

16. What kind of packaging do you supply?

Exacta is able to supply finished products with a wide variety of packaging: from just bags of various sizes to boxes preformed to prevent damage during transportation and metal crates (generally supplied by customer).

17. Are you able to deliver products in Customer-supplied special packaging?

Yes, Exacta supplies finished products in customised packaging, with any labelling required to ensure traceability. Exacta specifically uses environment-friendly packaging which is either recyclable or of low environmental impact.

18. What are your terms and conditions of sale?

Our conditions of sale can be read on and downloaded from the web page.

19. What are your target markets?

Thanks to its 50-years history, Exacta is experienced in supplying a wealth of different industries: automotive, agricultural engineering, civil engineering, hydraulics, pumps and valves, medical and dental, power tools, household appliances, gearings and gear motors, plastic moulding inserts, plumbing and heating and mechanics in general.