People are always a company's most important asset.
Exacta believes strongly in this principle, and pursues the guidelines of ISO 9001. We adopt strategies that support the continual improvement of the organization such as the training of our personnel, the risk prevention and the defence of occupational health and safety.
We have a strong focus on young people: today as never before, young people's vocational training has to involve contact with the world of work itself. Exacta acts on this conviction by taking part in training projects in Padova's high schools, supporting and fostering students on placement as part of Work-School Alternation schemes.
Specifically, in 2015 Exacta supported the "Luci sull'Impresa: la Forza delle Idee" ["Focus on Business: the Strength of Ideas"] event, a careers guidance programme promoted by the Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Padova, by providing prizes for the participating high schools in and around Padova.